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A Baby Shower Par-Tea

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

I am so excited to share such a cute baby shower we had this weekend. I am due with my first baby boy in December and my mom, sister and sister-in-law wanted to host a little shower to celebrate us. It was the perfect mix-and-match of girly for me and neutral for the little babe.

They hosted the shower at my family's house that we grew up in and invited all the ladies in our family. It was so intimate, which is perfect for me since I tend to get such terrible social anxiety.

I will share the details below!

Look at the tea cup! They bought two separate sets at the Goodwill of all places! I LOVED them. The little pink tea plate you see if from Amazon - you can get them here

Here are my gorgeous sisters! The backdrop is one of my favorite and super easy backdrops to make. Affix streamers up the wall and about 6 feet wide. They ordered a balloon set for an arch and the "OH BABY" letters in a pack. It looked great!

I just wanted to show off my immediate family! I had my grandmas, aunt, cousin and an honorary family member come too (not posting photos due to privacy!)

All of the tea party food. it was all so, very good. Mini sandwiches (PB&J and Chicken Salad), Ham and Cheese Pinwheels, Fruits, Cucumber/Cream Cheese bites, Macaroons, Chantilly Cakes, and my grandma's signature toffee bars! Also, peep my moms handwriting on the table signs - she has such good penmanship.

They put treats at the tables for grabs, this one had an assortment of scones & mini donuts.

They used my favorite flower, the hydrangea, with baby's breath and eucalyptus for the floral accents around the tables. Notice the different heights and layers on the table between the snack tower, tea cups and table settings. I always think this is such an important design accent to any party. You can use stands to lift things up and find accents that match the theme to make fun centerpieces - like the blue tea pot they made into a vase centerpiece.

Mason jars with the hydrangeas were placed on the tables.

I am not one for cheesy shower games, and they knew that, so they did some sweet, customized keepsake ones that were fun to fill out with everyone! The K is for University of Kentucky, my husbands favorite, ha! They circled the heart for me and the K for him. They custom made these and had them printed. They put them in an envelope so we can keep them forever.

They started the book, "Oh The Places You Will Go" and all signed it. Every year, we'll have the baby's teacher sign something in it, and gift it when they graduate! I wanted to do this idea so bad, not knowing that they had already planned it. The envelopes are what each guest got to do the mini-game. The blue favor bags had custom cookies and tea bags in clever! I brought popcorn from my favorite chocolatier, Peterbrooke Durbin Park

These cookies were from a local Arizona company called Edible Delights by Cass. I will have to find out the name of them. They ordered gluten-free and regular sugar cookies and they were SO good. The back cookie said Baby Brewing and the teacups had an H on them for our little guy's name!

Again, they used some decor around the house and even the extra tea cup that was there as a vase.

If I had to dream up a tea party shower, I wouldn't have thought of anything better. They all did such a good job. It was so simple, but detailed at the same time and perfectly girly for me! I felt so lucky to be surrounded by my family and the little guy is already so spoiled.

All the best,

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